Premium Lubricants Products And Technology

GS Caltex produces 9,000 barrels per day of lubricants and 8,000 MT of grease products. Underpinned by premium products and technology, we are ranked first in the Korean finished lubricant products market based on market share and sales volume. With Kixx Engine Oil as the leading brand in our lubricant line-up, GS Caltex offers 180 kinds of products which are classified according to their usage such as automobiles, industrial equipment, vessels and special purposes. 


2009     Grease Plant Expanded (8,000 Ton/yr)
2008     LOBP Unification (9,000 B/D)
2007     Base Oil Kixx LUBO Production (23,000 B/D)
2005     TS16949 Certification
             Company name changed from "LG" to "GS"
             Kixx Engine Oil Launching  
2001    ISO 9001 Certification
            Completed VDF Factory
2000    ERP(SAP) Commence
            Lube Plant Certification (ISO 14001,
            QS 2000) 


1996~1999 year

1997    Grease Plant Expanded (6,000 Ton/yr)

1994    New Packing Plant Foundation 
1991    2nd LOBP Completion
1986    Grease Manufacturing Plant Foundation    
            (3,000 Ton/yr)
1972    KS(Korean Standard) Mark Certification
1969    1st Lubricants Oil Blending Plant Operation